Floor Toppings & Preparations

Epoxy & Cementitious Toppings

  • BAVAP install a range of toppings from Epoxy mortar screeds to high strength engineered toppings bonding with Epoxy primer. Whether your project requires flatbed toppings, installing falls to waste or resolving ponding issues, we can and will do the work.
  • We also work closely with concreters installing concrete toppings in kitchens, bonding the newly laid concrete or high strength engineered toppings with Epoxy Primer. Allowing a hassle-free job
  • We provide a range of floor levellers from decorative toppings in hotel or office lobby’s to café and bar floors. This floor can have your personal touch with colour and finish you desire. We are equipped and have the knowledge to carry out these works out.
Epoxy & Cementitious Toppings

Floor Preparation

Our team can offer a wide range of grinding for your projects. Weather you have a rain damaged slab, epoxy coating removal, waterproofing membrane or have existing glue from previous floor coverings we can prepare your concrete and bring it back to a clean surface. We are equipped and have the knowledge to carry out these works. In addition, we are equipped to carry out these works in a safe and hassle free manner. We take dust control seriously and have OH&S seriously and have all our equipment is fitted to the proper vacuums. Taking the extra steps with ensuring our vacuums have HEPA filters and continuous drop-down bags.

Floor Repairs

Over our many years of operation, we have encountered a wide range of issues in concrete slabs and toppings. From rain damaged slabs, delaminating coatings to cracked or drummy concrete. BAVAP can inspect your site to assess the area and provide informed recommendations to achieve the best possible results within your budget and timeframe.

Our team is highly experienced to offer advice on problematic concrete floors. There are a number of ways to move forward with various damage issues; diamond grinding, scarifying, shot blasting, epoxy injecting, chasing and stitching concrete are all methods we use. We have the knowledge and equipment to solve flooring problems. It is critical to firstly address and rectify these issues in a timely manner before installing any flooring. BAVAP have the agile ability to work efficiently on urgent flooring projects to limit delays and get your business or project up and running in a safe and approved condition as soon as possible.

Floor Repairs

At BAVAP we take great pride in our service and work
hard to deliver a stress-free process for our clients.
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