Zauner Constructions – Chris Creek Bridge
Zauner Constructions – Chris Creek Bridge

Zauner Constructions – Chris Creek Bridge

BAVAP was engaged to repair a pedestrian bridge in Sussex Inlet which had several large (non-structural) cracks that came through the Screed and required rectification.

The bridge had significant movement, so it was critical that our recommendations on materials to treat the cracks needed to allow for this. It was also necessary to meet the requirements of hardwearing, UV stability and meet the required Antislip.

Based on our knowledge and expertise in this area, our recommendation was to use Methyl-Methacrylate (MMA) for a number of reasons. MMA is rapid drying, allowing the bridge to be closed for a shorter time. MMA is also UV stable and the BDM membrane allows for movement.

Upon arrival, we prepared the concrete by diamond grinding. After the grinding had taken place, we removed the existing joints and all loose/broken concrete and installed the Hychem Polyac 55 Mortar to treat the existing cracks.

The following day after re-vacuuming the bridge, we primed the footpath with Polyac 18 Primer.

On that same day we were able to install Polyac BDM Membrane and Polyac 55 Wear Coat, due to the fast curing of these products.

On the third day of the process, we installed the final Topcoat Polyac 61. After the final coat was dry, we recut the construction joints and installed new polyurethane to secure these joints. By that afternoon the bridge was ready for traffic and was reopened. 

Our client expressed great appreciation for the work we completed:

“First of all a big thank you to BAVAP for undertaking the crack remediation works at Chris Creek Bridge in Sussex Inlet. Chris, Wolfgang and the team were very professional, and the end result was better than expected.”

The BAVAP team were also very happy with the end result as we were able to meet the needs of the client, and without having the bridge closed for too long.

Project Coordination – Mazda Car Dealership
Project Coordination – Mazda Car Dealership

Project Coordination – Mazda Car Dealership

The Mazda Car Dealership in Canberra needed to expand their growing business, with extensions and renovations throughout their current establishment. Their 2000m2 workshop had a delaminating floor and they were looking for a new system that would be able to withstand the constant motor vehicle traffic, oil and fuel spills. We recommended Hychem Motor Tuff, a system that has been used for many car dealerships.

The Dealership required to continue trading during the flooring upgrade, we worked closely with the builder and Mazda key personal to arrange a program both parties were happy with and devised the workshop, so Mazda were able to continue operating.

The final stage was 900m2 in the workshop service bays. It was critical that we were able to complete these works within 5 days, including 3 days over a long weekend.

Our first day included grinding to remove all existing coatings to bring the concrete to a clean surface.

We continued these works throughout the evening allowing us to install the trowel coat first thing the following day to streamline our process.

The following day, we treated all existing control joints and followed on with installing GPT epoxy and broadcasted with 18/40 sand.

On day three, our team swept and vacuumed the excess sand, cut all control joints back through the concrete slab and installed the first coat of SF20FG.

On day four we installed the second coat of SF20FG with the Mazda dark-grey colour to the service bays, then followed with the Mazda light-grey colour to the remaining floor.

On day 5 we installed the final coat Hychem PA500. This is a sacrificial protective layer that is a highly durable coating and allows easy maintenance.

On day six Mazda were able to move back into the workshop and continue to trade.

The key managers at Mazda and Project Coordination were very happy that the timeframe was met with no delays or hassles during the process. The floor finish was exactly how they imagined and met their needs accurately.

NSW Project Feature – Mid North Coast Correctional Center
NSW Project Feature – Mid North Coast Correctional Center

NSW Project Feature – Mid North Coast Correctional Center

BAVAP are specialist installers of epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings. Servicing Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria, they provide the best quality floor coatings achievable for government and private projects from large to small. They installed non-slip flooring and waterproofing to the kitchen and coolroom areas on the Mid-North Coast Correctional Centre project.

This was the first time BAVAP had worked with Watpac, who were looking for an applicator that could achieve the correct finish within a tight timeframe.

“The manufacturer, Hychem, recommended us. We had previously used Hychem on the Junee Correctional Centre project which was completed this year so they knew we were quite comfortable with the corrections environment,” said Anja Peschler, Director.

“The Hychem product had already been specified by the design team but we would have recommended them regardless,” said Anja. “We have a very strong relationship with manufacturers.

With their technical expertise they can meet us in the middle to solve the unusual situations that emerge on any project.”

To ensure the project ran smoothly, BAVAP drew on their combined experience of 50 years including specialist experience in correctional facilities.

“Once we got started the project was straightforward. We had good communication with the other trades onsite and the builder. It’s nice to work with people you know and trust, and who know that they can trust you to get the job done,” explained Anja.

Regardless of the size or type of project, BAVAP’s first goal is to achieve outstanding finishes of the highest quality. “We hold ourselves to delivering better than acceptable finishes,” said Anja. “We pride ourselves on keeping up with our commitments which takes the stress away from our customers because they know what they will get.”

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Aircraft Hangar (Bankstown)
Aircraft Hangar (Bankstown)

Aircraft Hangar (Bankstown)

A 3000 m2 aircraft hangar in Bankstown had a failing epoxy coating causing daily grief. We worked closely with the client from the very beginning when we first inspected the project. Test were conducted to rule out any underlying issues with the substrate as moisture, at the time seemed to be a concern. Moisture was not the issue; problem was resolved, and we moved on to providing onsite samples.

The hangar could not be closed for a long period as aircraft were booked in for servicing, so we ensured we had a program that fitted their timeframe.

Our first step was to cut out all existing joints, as the concrete was damaged along the joints. We filled the joints with epoxy and re cut, leaving new straight lines and repaired the damaged concrete.

We then started on the floor preparation by removing all existing coatings and brought the slab to a CSP4 finish to allow a strong bond. We were then ready to start coating. We trowelled down our first coat with a full broadcast to allow the new coating to look flat without any imperfections. After the first coat was down, we jumped back onto the grinders to pass over the sand allowing the floor to be smooth and aesthetically pleasing.

A further two coats of high build epoxy were installed ensuring the floor would withstand fuel jet oils, heavy traffic, etc. Our last step was to fill the joints with polyurethane and carry out linemarking where it was required.

We were able to hand the floor back just before schedule and the end result looked fantastic. The client was very pleased and they are back servicing aircraft with minimal down time.


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