Epoxy Flake Flooring: A Combination of Style & Durability

Epoxy flake flooring stands out as a versatile and reliable choice, known for its decorative finish and resilience. This system involves blending decorative flakes into epoxy coatings, topped with an epoxy or polyurethane sealant, resulting in a smooth, slightly textured surface.
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The Versatility of Epoxy Flake Flooring

Ideal for a Range of Spaces

With its ability to seamlessly merge aesthetic appeal with practicality, epoxy flake flooring is the best option for many spaces, including garages, showrooms, schools, sporting facilities, restaurants, and more. Its adaptability stems from its capacity to cater to the unique requirements of each setting while delivering both functionality and visual allure. To see some of these different industry applications, visit our Industries gallery.

Applications Across Industries

Garages and Automotive Shops

In garages, epoxy flake flooring demonstrates its durability by enduring the weight of vehicles and making maintenance a breeze. In showrooms, it adapts to various product styles and brands through a plethora of flake colours and sizes.

Educational and Sporting Facilities

For educational institutions and sporting facilities, this flooring’s sturdiness can cope with constant foot traffic and the potential impact of sports equipment. Its subtly textured finish adds an extra layer of safety, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Restaurants and Food Service Areas

In restaurants and dining establishments, where hygiene is paramount, epoxy flake flooring is an ideal choice. Its seamless and non-porous surface is easy to clean, ensuring a sanitary environment, and it can resist stains and chemicals often found in food service settings.

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Healthcare and Laboratory Settings

One of the hallmarks of epoxy flake flooring is its ability to elevate hygiene levels so it is perfect for healthcare facilities, laboratories, and other spaces where cleanliness and infection control are non-negotiable. Its resistance to chemicals and ease of cleaning make it a reliable choice for environments where hygiene is so important.

Customisation and
Aesthetic Appeal

Wide Range of Design Options

A standout feature is the freedom of customisation offered by a wide selection of flake colours and sizes. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you in selecting the perfect flake combinations that work with your unique requirements and the aesthetics of your project. Beyond installation, we collaborate with you to source the ideal finish, ensuring your space not only looks magnificent but also performs remarkably over time.

Epoxy flake flooring is a versatile and reliable flooring solution, offering an elegant and robust option for spaces of diverse nature. Whether you’re seeking a stunning and long-lasting flooring solution for your space, epoxy flake flooring has the flexibility and dependability to meet your requirements and surpass your expectations.

The Installation Process of Epoxy Flake Flooring

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Surface Preparation

The existing concrete or substrate is cleaned, repaired, and prepared to ensure proper adhesion. This often involves grinding the surface to remove any imperfections and contaminants.

Epoxy Resin Application

A layer of epoxy resin is applied to the prepared surface. Epoxy is a two-part material that consists of a resin and a hardener. When mixed, it creates a durable, glossy surface that can withstand heavy traffic and is resistant to chemicals, moisture, and stains.

Flake Broadcast

While the epoxy is still wet, decorative colour flakes or chips are broadcasted or scattered evenly over the surface. These flakes come in various colours, sizes, and patterns, allowing for customization of the flooring’s appearance. The flakes also provide texture, making the floor less slippery.

Sealing Coat

Once the epoxy and flakes are in place, a clear topcoat of epoxy is applied. This topcoat serves to encapsulate the flakes, providing protection and a high-gloss finish. It also adds an additional layer of durability.

Key Features And Benefits of
Epoxy Flake Flooring Include:

Durability, Maintenance, and Aesthetics

Durability: Epoxy flake flooring is highly durable and can withstand heavy traffic, making it suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Easy Maintenance: The seamless and non-porous surface is easy to clean and resistant to stains, making maintenance relatively simple.

Aesthetics: The decorative flakes allow for a wide range of design options, and the glossy finish can enhance the overall look of the space.

  Chemical Resistance: Epoxy is resistant to many chemicals, making it ideal for use in areas where spills may occur.

Slip Resistance: The texture provided by the flakes can improve slip resistance, enhancing safety.

Longevity: When properly installed and maintained, epoxy flake flooring can last for many years.

While epoxy flake flooring offers numerous benefits, it’s important to note that professional installation is crucial for its performance and longevity. Improper installation can lead to issues such as delamination and peeling. If you’re considering epoxy flake flooring for your space, it’s recommended to consult with our experienced flooring professionals to discuss your needs. What Sort Of Industries Benefit From Epoxy Flake Flooring?

Choosing Epoxy Flake Flooring for Your Industry

Suitable for Diverse Commercial Settings

Epoxy flake flooring is a versatile and durable flooring solution that can benefit various industries and commercial settings. Some of the industries and applications that commonly benefit from epoxy flake flooring include:

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Automotive and Mechanic Shops

Epoxy flake flooring is a popular choice in auto repair and mechanic shops due to its resistance to oil, chemicals, and heavy vehicle traffic. It helps maintain a clean and safe workspace.

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Residential garages, as well as commercial parking garages, benefit from epoxy flake flooring for its durability and aesthetic appeal. It can withstand the weight of vehicles and provides easy maintenance.

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Commercial Kitchens

Epoxy flake flooring is well-suited for commercial kitchens because it is resistant to food spills, and chemicals, and easy to clean. It also offers slip resistance, enhancing safety in busy kitchen environments.

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Retail Spaces

Many retail establishments use epoxy flake flooring to create an attractive, low-maintenance surface for their stores. It comes in a variety of design options to complement the brand’s image.

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Car dealerships, furniture stores, and other product showrooms often use epoxy flake flooring to showcase their products in a visually appealing and durable setting.

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Healthcare Facilities

Some healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and clinics, opt for epoxy flake flooring in areas where hygiene and cleanliness are crucial. The seamless and non-porous surface is easy to clean and maintain.

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Epoxy flake flooring can be used in warehouse spaces to provide a durable and chemical-resistant surface that can withstand heavy machinery, pallets, and foot traffic.

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Aircraft Hangars

Epoxy flake flooring is a popular choice in aircraft hangars because it can handle the weight of aircraft and provides resistance to aviation fuels and other chemicals.

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Sports Facilities

Epoxy flake flooring can be used in sports facilities like gyms and indoor sports courts due to its durability and the option to incorporate custom colours and logos.

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Breweries and Wineries

These facilities often use epoxy flake flooring in production areas because it is resistant to the occasional spills and is easy to keep clean and maintain a sanitary environment.

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Manufacturing Facilities

Epoxy flake flooring is suitable for manufacturing environments where chemicals, heavy machinery, and foot traffic are common.

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Educational Institutions

Some schools, colleges, and universities use epoxy flake flooring in common areas and corridors due to its durability and ease of maintenance.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements and customisation of epoxy flake flooring can vary depending on the industry and application. Professional installation and consideration of the specific needs of the environment are essential to ensure the flooring system’s performance and longevity. 

Epoxy Flake Flooring is a trustworthy flooring solution with a decorative durable finish. Flake broadcasted into Epoxy coatings and sealed with Epoxy/polyurethane topcoat, leaving a smooth but lightly textured finish. It is a versatile floor ideal for garages, amenities, showrooms, schools, sporting facilities, restaurants and the like. This finish is ideal for floors that require the highest level of hygiene. With a wide range of Flake colours and sizes, our team will source, recommend and install the ideal finish for your project.

FAQs for Epoxy Flake Flooring

1. Why is epoxy flake flooring good for different places?
Epoxy flake flooring is tough and lasts a long time, which makes it great for busy places like garages, schools, and restaurants. It’s strong enough for lots of use and still looks good.
2. Can I get epoxy flake flooring that matches my room's style?
Yes, you can! Epoxy flake flooring comes in many colours and sizes of flakes, so you can pick what suits your space best. Whether you want a certain colour or a special look, we can make it happen.
3. How long does epoxy flake flooring last?
Epoxy flake flooring is made to last for ages. If it’s put in right and looked after, it can stay in good shape for many years, even in places where lots of people walk or cars go.
4. Is it easy to look after epoxy flake flooring?
Yes, it’s quite easy to keep epoxy flake flooring clean. It doesn’t stain easily and you can quickly wipe up spills, so it stays looking new without much work.
5. Is epoxy flake flooring safe?
Yes, it’s a safe choice. The flakes in the flooring make it less slippery, which is really helpful in places where things might get spilled, like kitchens or workshops.
6. Is epoxy flake flooring eco-friendly?
Epoxy flake flooring is a good choice for the environment because it lasts a long time. This means you don’t need to replace it often, which reduces waste.
7. Can I use epoxy flake flooring outside?

Epoxy flake flooring is mainly for inside use, but it might work for some outdoor areas too. It’s best to talk to our team to see if it’s right for your outdoor space.

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